Are You Ready for the Next Wave?

February 10th marked the beginning of the Chinese New Year for 2024. Chinese New Year 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, symbolizing power, strength, and luck. A good primer for this article.

The start of any new year always brings with it a lot of promise, energy and excitement. There are new calendar year business and prosperity plans, New Year’s resolutions, and a high level of enthusiasm and anticipation about the prospects for the future. But let’s be honest … we all start out the year with great intentions, enthusiasm, BIG dreams, and BIG goals.

So, why do those grandiose plans seem to get derailed so early in the year?

Most of the month of January is consumed with post-holiday planning, kick-off meetings and launch activities. The roll out of new products, programs, staffing and compensation plans, etc.  Generally, this initial wave of energy and excitement about the New Year’s outlook does not begin to dissipate until around the middle of February. Then those little voices in our head grow louder and start asking those tough questions.

What is really different today from last year? And … are we fully prepared for what lies ahead (the next wave)?

For the first 4-6 weeks or so of the year we’ve been swept up by a renewed energy, sense of purpose and excitement about the future.  However, somewhere along the way things will become more difficult as “stuff” gets added to the pile. Unexpected challenges arise, and our focus and energy levels decline. As a result, reaching those lofty goals can get pushed farther and farther out until they become a distance memory.

Don’t let this happen to you in 2024!

Recognize that those needed changes will not take place until we make the commitment and put forth the effort required to make them happen. This is true for our personal and professional goals alike. Whether it is an exercise and weight loss goal, a new business expansion and revenue growth goal, or something else.

Much like a surfer, we need to be thinking about and preparing for that next wave, so we can enjoy the ride when it comes. Here are my top five suggestions to help you be fully prepared to reach your goals and capitalize on whatever comes next:

  1. Slow your roll. Don’t be in a hurry to fill up the “To Do” list with a lot of new projects and get caught up in the ‘Busy Being Busy” activity trap. Keep the focus on your top priorities.
  2. Build from within. Make this the year to work on yourself first and challenge yourself to be great. This will enable you to build a stronger foundation for the future.
  3. Expand your vision. Take a global approach. Don’t sell yourself, your business or your life short by thinking too small. View your future outlook through a wide-angle lens.
  4. Work on balance. For your health and well-being, devote the proportional amount of time, resources, and energy to all of the ‘Five F’ areas – Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness and Fun.
  5. Execute with precision. Execution and accountability are the driving forces for real change, and the areas where most people struggle. Keep Nike’s slogan in mind and ‘Just Do It’.

Be fully prepared to reach your goals and capitalize on the next wave. Make 2024 your “Dragon” year. Your year for power, strength, and good luck. Doing so will help you to achieve great results and provide the momentum for future prosperity and growth.

Enjoy the journey!


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