When Results Matter Most

“Our results, much like our footprints, show us where we’ve been, not necessarily where we are going.”

Results are the yardstick by which we measure our performance, progress and our level of success. It is born out of Logic 101. “A thing that is caused or produced by something else; a consequence or an outcome.” If I do this … then this will occur.

So now that we are well into the 2nd half of 2023, what more needs to be done by year-end in order for you to achieve success?

The one common thread that connects each of us, is a desire for MORE. We all desire more of something – money, free-time, sleep, hair (oh, that’s me), etc., which translates to a requirement for more results.

Unfortunately, our need for instant gratification and an endless pursuit of unfulfilled needs, wants and desires has moved us away from a longer-term focus and strategies beneficial to achieving sustainable personal/professional growth, and success.

As George Leonard laments in his book Mastery, “The bottom-line mentality doesn’t work in the long run and is eventually destructive to the individual and society.” We have been conditioned from an early age to do one thing, so we can get something else. Get good grades so we can go to college. Go to college so we can get a good job. Get a good job so we can provide financial security for our families and so forth.

This ‘hamster wheel’ mentality carries over into all areas of our lives.

But to clarify, a desire for more or better results is not the culprit here. In fact, studies have shown that as much as 85% of success can be tied to execution and results. I’m in full agreement with Mr. Leonard that it is important to strike a balance between the short- and long-term views. However, at the end of the day results are ultimately the yardstick by which we measure our progress. (No participation trophies here).

Is success a feeling or a reality?

I don’t mean to go all existential (i.e., Jean-Paul Sartre) on you, but I think it is a question worthy of further consideration. Every business faces its own unique challenges when it comes to improving performance and results. So next time you are relaxing on your favorite lawn chair looking up at the stars, ask yourself this question, “Is success a feeling or a reality?”

Now if you’re serious about making success a reality, then be willing to invest the time, energy and resources necessary to achieve the results to get there. It’s really that simple. And your desire for success, your actions and the corresponding results, are the keys to making it happen.

Enjoy the journey!


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