The Value of One More Day

The value of one more day. If you were granted one more day, what would you do with it and what value would you place on it?

Value of LifeIt is an age-old question, “what is the value of a human life”? The calculation seems to be fairly straightforward, or is it? Back in 2008, Stanford economists demonstrated that the average value of a year of quality human life is about $129,000 vs. $50,000 for the insurance industry.

So, just take this figure and multiple it by the average life span in years, and there you have it – the value of a human life. However, real life doesn’t work that way and the answer to the value of one more day would certainly vary for each individual.

“When you realize the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.” – Dian Fossey

So back to the original question, if you were granted one more day, what would you do with it and what value would you place on it? This holiday season while you are “making your list and checking it twice” in preparation for the New Year, I want to give you some tips on how to make the most of those days ahead through better focus and planning.

  1. Say ‘NO’ to New Year’s resolutions. They’re a waste of time. Prepare your personal plan for success and stick to it this year! For assistance, check out my online course, Discover YOUR Formula for Success
  2. Don’t leave important things undone. Allocate the appropriate amount of time to work on your Top 3-5 priorities each day.
  3. Get rid of “To Do Lists” and make “Get Done TODAY Lists” instead. You will be amazed at how much more you can accomplish in less time with this subtle focus change.
  4. Stop trying to put 100 lbs. of poop into a 50 lbs. bag. Success does not equate to “busy being busy”, it is all about results. Focus on accomplishing more by doing less.
  5. Make the tasks smaller. Remember the ‘theory of eating an elephant’ analogy – break large projects and tasks into bite-size portions. They will be easier to manage and this in turn, will help accelerate their completion.
  6. Work on balance grasshopper. Devote time, energy and resources to all of the 5F areas of your life – Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness and Fun.

Yes I know, these tips are pretty basic and everybody knows these things. However, how many people really stick with it? The keys to success are planning, commitment, execution and follow-through. What you will find by following through on these basic tips is that you will accomplish more in less time and in effect, add days to the quality of your life.

So, what is the value of adding a day(s) to your life? If you’re serious about getting the most out of each day in your business and personal life, then stop thinking so much, get started and make success happen in 2015.

Enjoy the journey!



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